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Welcome to Taz di Bleu!

Taz di Bleu, blue mountain house in the occitan language, was founded in 1995 in Cuneo, a lovely piedmontese town in Italy. The Provincia Granda, with its alpine valleys and the UNESCO-preserved hills of the Langhe and Roero, boasts a priceless heritage of food and wine traditions, as well as a superb territory rich in nature, history and art.

This is the setting in which our entrepreneurial venture started, and ever since then we have been constantly engaged  in the pursuit of quality and  styling!

Starting from a wide range of handmade chocolates, typical sweets and salty products, Taz di Bleu realises  food amenities and customized gift packaging for Luxury Hotels and Resorts.

Thanks to a continuous research and selection Taz di Bleu, together with competent craftsmen, proposes a wide range of handmade chocolate pralines and truffles, gianduiotti, napolitans, hazelnut  and almond biscuits, fruit jellies, salted pastry, dried and candied fruits and oat crackers. Everything is carefully prepared in order to offer our Customers a wide range of delicacies suitable to be eaten in every moment of the day!

Organic and gluten-free products, as well as environment-friendly and handmade packaging, are integral aspects of our quality offer.



Custom-designed packaging

Custom-designed packaging

Custom-designed packaging to fit your style, brand and preferences.

High quality product

High quality product

Carefully selected high-quality products!

Free quote

Free quote

Your free quote within 48h.

Free advice

Free advice

In order to find the right products for your customers, our highly-experienced team is available to advice you and propose graphic design and packaging solutions to fit your needs.


All over the World

We are now shipping
to: Capri, Como, Cortina, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Padova, Porto Cervo, Rimini, Rome, Siena, Stresa, Taormina, Turin, Venice, Verona and more. in Italy

to: Hamburg, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cannes, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lion, London, Nice, Oslo, Paris, Principality of Monaco, Saint Moriz and more. in Europe 

to: New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and more. in the USA



Accurate tracking of deliveries

Our staff, working with the best carriers, monitor the tracing of freight from our factory to destination: every day fresh Italian delicacies leave our warehouse in trustworthy hands to reach you in the shortest time! 


About Taz

Delivery in U.S.


For a free quote about transport 

The Team

  • About Taz
1 Anna Arrò

Anna Arrò
contact me by e-mail

Eversince the beginning, we have been growing together with a wonderful team; this makes every working day a fascinating experience…

3 Federica Giordano

Federica Giordano
Administrative Manager
contact me by e-mail 

Administration and accounting: all necessary economic & financial activities.

4 Chiara Olocco

Chiara Olocco
Sales Manager Italy
contact me by e-mail

Thanks to my customers, I have been enjoying myself at work for the last ten years!

6 Alberto Corzato

Alberto Corzato
Sales Manager Italy
contact me by e-mail

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done: one is called yesterday, the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.

61 Annalisa Franco

Annalisa Franco
Overseas Sales Manager
contact me by e-mail

Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.

62 Aiman Ait

Aiman Ait
Overseas Sales Manager
contact me by e-mail

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. [Napoleon Hill].

7 Mauro Garino

Mauro Garino
Purchase Manager
contact me by e-mail

The world is as big or as small as you make it.

9 Stefania Di Palma

Stefania Di Palma
Graphic designer
contact me by e-mail

The creatif self-confident is a stupid. [Giorgio Armani]

909 Luisa Arrò

Luisa Arrò
Web marketing Manager
contact me by e-mail

Quality and Italian design, at any time on line for you!

91 Alessandro Trossarello

Alessandro Trossarello
Graphic designer 
contact me by e-mail 

DO or DO NOT! There is no try! [Yoda]

910 Arianna Ciaramella

Arianna Ciaramella
Print room Responsable
contact me by e-mail

Imagination, creativity and accuracy are the perfect recipe for our customizations.

920 Martina Dalmasso

Martina Dalmasso
Logistic Manager
contact me by e-mail

Logistics and shipments: maximum care for a correct and accurate service.

930 Andreina Garnero

Andreina Garnero
Special projects and sampling

Ribbons and bows are my passion!

935 Widad El Chalhani

Widad El Chalhani
Back Office 
contact me by e-mail

The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sails. [W. A. Ward]

950 Elisa Giraudo

Elisa Giraudo
Administrative Assistant
contact me by e-mail

In this work, creativity and care for details never fail.


960 Alessandro Bonetto

Alessandro Bonetto
Warehouse Manager

Strong arms to hold our team!


9601 Chiara Dovetta

Chiara Dovetta
Print room Assistant
contact me by e-mail

The rule of heaven is perfection, the rule of people is the pursuit of perfection.

961 Simone Fusta

Simone Fusta
Warehouse Assistant

A group of people sharing a common goal can achieve the impossible.


962 Martina Ghigo

Martina Ghigo
Logistic Manager Assistent
contact me by e-mail 

No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

Our Fairy Hands

1 Ivana Blangero

Ivana Blangero

10 Veronica Cipolla

Veronica Cipolla

2 Iolanda Delego

Iolanda Delego

3 Claudio Enrici

Claudio Enrici

31 Olga Jeannette Gonzalez Lopez

Olga Jeannette Gonzalez Lopez

32 Ela Ndoka

Ela Ndoka

33 Daniela Oggero

Daniela Oggero

34 Luigina Pasqua

Luigina Pasqua

5 Gabriella Rinaldo

Gabriella Rinaldo

50 Luisa Rissetto

Luisa Rissetto

51 Renata Salzano

Renata Salzano

7 Vanna Santarato

Vanna Santarato

9 Emanuela Zurletti

Emanuela Zurletti

With passion, expertise and craftsmanship we assemble packs, ribbons and cords, labels and cards personalized by our graphics as you request to commercial agents.

The result: unique gifts for Quality and Design to offer to Your Customers!

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